FORUM RULES- *Must Read!

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FORUM RULES- *Must Read! Empty FORUM RULES- *Must Read!

Post by Peyton. on Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:10 am

Hello and Welcome to Miranda Online Forum. :]

Here are just a few simple rules that should be easy enough to follow.
Not following these rules will result in warnings and you will be banned if continues.

1. Please refrain from swearing. Mainly damn and hell are okay most of the time, but even said it would probably be better if you didn't even use them. No other swear words may be used. It's not necessary.

2. This is a Miranda Cosgrove Forum. Don't come here if you hate Miranda. And no constant bashing. It's annoying and disrectful to fans of her on this forum.

3. Be respectful to all members. Let's treat each other nicely, and there's no reason to get into such arguments.

4. Please post in the right section. Sometimes people make mistakes, and I understand that. A moderator or admin can move it for you. But try your best.

5. Please don't bump really old topics, and try your best to not double post. Yes, it's okay if you do it sometimes, but don't constantly do it. It's annoying and please refrain yourself from doing it.

Thank You!


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